ACA Compliance Product Enhancement and Support

Company Profile

Cube4 provides an integrated and intelligent solution that ensures compliance with the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It electronically integrates a company’s HR and payroll information to gather information for efficient workforce management. With this solution employers can track, analyze and keep up with the required documents for ACA compliance.

Business Situation

Cube4 Solutions provides the ability to track and manage the hours worked by an employee within an organization. The current capability of the application was integration with HR systems and employee data that were on gathered on a daily basis. With employee information integrated in Cube4, employers gained the ability to identify employees who were soon to be eligible for health insurance coverage, thus ensuring ACA compliance.

Technical Situation

As a new product in market, Cube 4 needed to add additional capabilities to make it more competitive and marketable, and engaged Halcyon to help target these enhancements. The goal was for Cube4’s clients, encompassing any U.S. employer, to be able to use the system to comply with the ACA without the employer having to become an expert in the nuances of the law. In addition, they had discovered from prior customers that the data they received wasn’t always in the best shape, and needed to be able to clean and de-duplicate records that were imported from employers’ payroll systems. Halcyon helped them develop a system that would store the data needed for ACA compliance without impact on the employers’ original data sets.


In order to integrate payroll data, Halcyon developed an interface that could manage and maintain these data and generate lists of insurance-eligible employees. We added additional features to handle the insurance coverage data for employees and automatically generate IRS 1094C and 1095C forms for annual filing, either by paper or electronically.


With the ability to submit 1094C and 1095C electronically, Cube 4 clients can submit the forms in bulk to IRS rather than filing each eligibility form manually.
Cube4 also provides ability to modify mis-reported data in the application as needed. Enhancements provided at Halcyon also created ability to support not only private organizations but all school districts that also need to adhere to the Affordable Care Act.

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft .NET (C#, MVC 4.5 and Entity Framework)
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • DevExpress user interface widgets



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