We are a valued partner to some of the
biggest industry leaders.

We are a valued partner to some of the biggest industry leaders.

Our partner’s products, expertise, and support are essential to our work, and we are so proud to collaborate with industry leaders as we assist our clients in achieving their enterprise technology goals.

What Our Partners Say

We engaged numerous entities to attempt this assignment. Halcyon was the first to completely listen to our requirements. They accurately assessed their abilities to complete the tasks. Additionally, they understood our required deliverables. Upon delivering the deliverables, there were minimum and quick final adjustments. Halcyon is clearly the best IT firm we have engaged. I give them the highest recommendation.
Jeff Bradshaw
President, Discount Fashion Warehouse
As Cube4’s Development Partner, Halcyon was instrumental in helping develop our product and getting it ready for a market launch. Our product helps companies comply with the ACA (Affordable Care Act) requirements and we already have many clients using our product. Halcyon’s business analysts were quickly able to learn this new regulation and help with the development effort. We look forward to an ongoing partnership with Halcyon.
Louise Stonehouse
CEO, Cube4
Halcyon has been a tremendous partner for many years. Their commitment to our clients is outstanding, as demonstrated by Halcyon senior management and associates delivering Meals-on-Wheels for years. Halcyon’s President not only serves on our Board of Directors and Chairs our Information Technology Committee, but leads our efforts to improve and develop our agency’s critical technology.
Chuck Gehrig
CEO, Life Care Alliance
The Veterans Program that Halcyon assembled is like no other that I’ve seen in Columbus. Not only do they create opportunities for the men and women whom have fought for us all to enjoy freedom, but they also create a lot of value for organizations by providing talented entry-level QA and Business Analysts. IGS prides itself on hiring top-tier IT talent and Halcyon has been able to place three veterans as QA Analysts at IGS, all of which are still with the company. From the CEO to the classroom trainers, the passion the Halcyon brings to this program is undoubtedly the driving force behind its success. Without equivocation, I can recommend this program to all companies looking to add talented, hard-working, loyal members to their IT teams.
Brandon Childers
VP, IGS Energy
For most of my 15 years in the Information Technology industry I’ve written software. However, while working at Halcyon I have had the opportunity to expand my skills into different areas of the industry. Not only have I been able to continue to develop software but also, I’ve now grown into business analysis and project management. I’ve also been able to put to use other talents that I use outside of work, such as public speaking and leading technical training classes. As a consultant, I can offer solutions to my client that also allow me to grow as a valued member of their team
Edward Mack
Business Systems Analyst III

Our Veterans

After serving in the Air Force and receiving a B.S. in mathematics, it became evident to me that I wanted to pursue a career in IT. I had the drive, the work ethic, the education and the skill set obtained from the military but I lacked experience and some technical skills required to get more than a glance from hiring managers. Then when I literally thought all hope was lost, I came into contact with Halcyon Solutions. Halcyon wanted to do more than point veterans in the “right” direction, they wanted to create a “path” and give us the skills and knowledge needed to walk that path. Halcyon is taking social responsibility to new levels and bridging the enormous gap between education and employment. I am thankful everyday that I had the opportunity to learn and create a buildable foundation offered by Halcyon that almost immediately led to me receiving job offers. It seemed too good to be true that someone was actually calling me and that such a program for veterans even existed. Other than marrying my wife and us having a child, that was the single greatest decision I ever made in my life. They took me under their wing and gave me the tools it took to be successful.
Sean Poncini
Former Air Force Sgt. on Halcyon’s Veterans Workforce Development Program
Employers are seeking individuals with a strong work ethic and a very specific set of skills. My service in the Armed Forces has provided me with a strong work ethic, but not all of the skills required to be successful in the civilian workforce. Halcyon Solutions bridged the gap by providing specific training in technical and soft skills. With Halcyon’s help, I was also able to find an opportunity as an IT professional in an excellent company. I am grateful to Halcyon for their dedication and commitment to help veterans.
Ryan Mathews
CPT, SC, Network Operations Office